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The Green Path at Inn by the Sea

Luxury comes naturally at Inn by the Sea with a unique approach to hospitality inspired by our natural coastal surroundings. We are committed to both outstanding hospitality and environmental preservation. We strive to blend luxury, service and an exceptional guest stay with sustainability, minimizing the impact of hotel operations with our eco friendly initiatives and an appreciation of all things local.

Delectable dining at Sea Glass celebrates Maine fare, guests are surrounded by indigenous gardens which provide food and habitat for wildlife, and our rooms are cleaned with non-toxic, Green Seal products. Room amenities are natural, packaged in recycled bottles and displayed on recycled glass trays. Our sheet and towel program helps protect the endangered monarch butterfly and fund habitat restoration for bunnies. We safeguard the earth’s resources through reforestation, energy and water conservation; we recycle and use post consumer paper products. Our cardio room has recycled rubber floors, our spa has recycled sheet rock walls and uses bamboo towels, and we heat the Inn with biofuel and the pool with solar panels. We recognize the value of our community by supporting local charities.

We are cautious not to sacrifice style or comfort in our commitment, to blend exceptional hospitality with environmental preservation. Ask the concierge for a complete list of our eco friendly initiatives at the heart of our culture at Inn by the Sea.  

Of Butterflies, beaches and bunnies: 4 sustainable projects at Inn by the Sea

Pampering for High Flyers:   The Inn’s landscape is designed to be attractive to both butterflies and guests. Using local plants that create ever blooming gardens as well as creating habitat for local wildlife has earned the inn a Wildlife Habitat certification from the National Wildlife Federation. Beautiful indigenous nectar gardens and milkweed are specifically planted for endangered butterflies. During the growing season guests are invited to classes on “How to Plant for Wildlife” and children enjoy “Bug’s Life Garden Tours” where they learn about local eco systems from a bug’s view point. Monarch Watch, which registers properties that provide food and shelter for the endangered Monarch as they migrate through North America, has designated the Inn as a Butterfly Waystation.


Captivating Cuisine: Local produce & sustainable seafood Don’t expect Chilean Sea Bass when you visit Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea. Alongside local produce from nearby farms, his lobster tasting menu or signature Gulf of Maine seafood Paella Executive Chef Mitchell Kaldrovich’s day boat catch and evening menus feature underutilized seafood fresh from Maine’s coastal waters. The Chef, working with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, other Portland area chefs and a handful of knowledgeable local fishermen, identified abundant and delectable fish from the Gulf of Maine that are underappreciated. By serving delicious but lesser known fish, the group hopes to get better dock prices for fishermen and  help preserve the diversity and health of the Gulf of Maine. The chef pairs sustainable seafood with fresh produce, meat and poultry from local farms whenever possible in a true celebration of Maine fare.


Green by Design: Solar panels, recycled sheet rock walls, recycled cork floors, recycled rubber floors , air to air heat exchangers, dual flush toilets, heating with bio fuels, preferred hybrid parking, sheet and towel reuse programs & purchasing renewable electricity are just a few of the green initiatives and design features which helped the Inn by the Sea achieve a SILVER LEED® and Maine's Green Lodging certications.  


Bunny Habitat Restoration: Inn by the Sea, the Maine Department of Conservation and Bureau of Parks and Land are collaborating to restore habitat for the endangered New England Cottontail Rabbit at Crescent Beach State Park. In an effort to stop the New England cottontail from vanishing in Maine,  the Inn has assumed responsibility for removing two acres of invasive, non indigenous plant species, such as bamboo and bitter sweet , from state property. The work began in November 2011, and will be completed in spring 2012. The Inn will re plant the area with local shrubs such as raspberry, blueberry, dogwood, alder, winterberry and dewberry to create a high quality, safe habitat for New England cottontails. The rabbits were named as candidates for the US Endangered Species Act in 2006 and are listed as endangered in Maine and New Hampshire.

  • The first  Hotel in Maine to heat with Biofuel
  • The first hotel in Maine to be Carbon Neutral through offsets (2007)
  • The first hotel in New England to have dual flush toilets
  • The first SPA in Maine to be Silver LEED(R) certified
  • 5 acres of indigenous gardens certified as a Wildlife Habitat
  • Air to air heat exchangers 
  • Solar heating and salt/chlorine system for the pool
  • Recycled rubber floors in the cardio room
  • Bamboo towels
  • Low VOC paints, wall covering and sealants 
  • Recycled sheetrock and metal studs
  • Recycled cork floors 
  • 22 nesting boxes and 6 bird feeders
  • Restoration of Habitat for endangered New England Cottontails
  • Recycling bins in rooms & function spaces
  • Sheet and towel program donates to environmental agencies
  • CFL’s and LED light, lights on timers
  • Green Seal cleaning products for a healthy environment
  • Dining room uses local  produce and seafood fresh from nearby farms and the sea 
  • Guests use recycled compostable key cards
  • Green Meetings & White Weddings in Green


Sustainable highlights:     

TripAdvisor's Top Ten Environmentally-Friendly Accommodations:
“Seaside Sanctuary: Inn by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Committed to environmental responsibility, the charming New England-style Inn by the Sea educates its guests on environmentally-friendly practices. As one TripAdvisor traveler commented, "It was everything and more with unforgettable views of the ocean."

Inn by the Sea was selected as a Top 10 American Green Hotel by MSNBC and Forbes Traveler as well.

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